Hardwood Flooring

• Fiber matures in 40- 120 years

• Typically comes from old-growth forests

• Hardness ranges from soft to very hard, depending on species/age

• Installed cost and maintenance similar to bamboo

Bamboo Flooring

• Fiber matures in 4-7 years

• Reduces the need for virgin forest lumber

• Hardness ranges from that of red oak to hard maple

• Installed cost and maintenance similar to hardwood

Conventional Carpeting

• Made of synthetic materials

• Fibers and backing offgas VOCs

• Uses high-VOC adhesive

• High nap holds more particulates

Green Carpeting

• Made of recycled synthetic materials

• CRI-tested for lower VOC emissions (look for the “Green” or “Green Plus” labels)

• Uses no-VOC adhesive

• Short nap holds fewer particulates

Vinyl Flooring

• Made of synthetic materials

• High offgassing from petroleum distillates

• Production and incineration creates dioxin

• Installed cost: lower than linoleum but has shorter life span

Linoleum or Cork

• Made of natural materials

• Low offgassing from natural oils

• Renewable and biodegradable

• Naturally anti-static, doesn’t melt

• Installed cost: comparable to high- end vinyl, but lasts 30+ years


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