Today, wood framing is the most common construction method for residential and small scale commercial buildings. The following are other methods to building wall systems.

Steel Framing


• Non-combustible

• Stable, strong and lightweight

• Less scrap and construction waste

• Performance advantages in fires and earthquakes

• Steel releases no toxins like treated wood


• High conductivity causes severe thermal bridging

• Excessive energy use for heating and cooling

Structural Insulated Panels


• Easy and speedy assembly

• No special tools or skills needed for installation

• Superior energy performance

• Highly resistant to wind and fire

• Less construction waste


• Comfortable for termite and insect nesting

• Must keep plants away from walls

• Must maintain humidity levels below 50 percent

Insulated Concrete Forms


• Strength

• Energy efficient

• Noise suppression

• Superior fire rating

• Improved indoor air quality

• Durability and strength

• Sustainable construction


• Potential Moisture Problems

• Comfortable for termite and insect nesting


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