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Dr. Jane Marcellus, professor, earned her Ph.D. in Communication and Society (Media Studies) at the University of Oregon, where her research examined representation of employed women in early twentieth-century magazines. She holds a bachelor’s in English from Wesleyan, a master’s in journalism from Northwestern, and a master’s in English from the University of Arizona. She is the author of Business Girls and Two-Job Wives: Emerging Media Stereotypes of Employed Women (Hampton Press, 2011) and co-author of Mad Men and Working Women: Feminist Perspectives on Historical Power, Resistance, and Otherness (Peter Lang, 2014), which was named to Teen Vogue magazine’s “most epic feminist reading list ever” in 2015. Her work has been published in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, American Journalism, Feminist Media Studies, Women’s Studies—An Interdisciplinary Journal, and the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching. Dr. Marcellus’s classes include media history, feature writing, and cultural studies theory.
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