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Sometimes students wonder what it is professors do besides teaching...

Well, aside from winning grants to travel and research around the world, Dr. Sanjay Asthana has been working on a book. The book is comprised of case studies from around the world on “how young people use the media for identity,” claims Dr. Asthana. The working title is “Youth Media Imaginaries from Around the World.” This concept has been germinating in Dr. Asthana’s brain for about six months now, and is now almost fully bloomed.

The youth in the book are communicating through photography, print media, digital media, radio narratives, music, etc. to not only shape their identities, but also bring up important social issues and concerns. From Oakland radio narratives to South African hip hop, these case studies are rather intriguing.

The book will be published soon.

photos: Kelsey Klingenmeyer

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